Hello Taxi Driver Friends Some Basic safety rules for You

taxi drivers basic safety tips - gatwick airport taxi service

If you are having a business relating to taxi than you must know that the business is quite different from other occupation in the country of UK. It is extremely important for all those taxi drivers who are new to the business. It is quite important in understanding the dangerous and the complex nature of the industry itself.

Listed below are some approaches which are to be noted by drivers will driving taxis in the country:

Joining a radio circuit– Maximum of the radio systems has an emergency button. This particular broadcast will a signal to the particular cab control room to tell them that you are facing trouble.

You need to be aware and alert– always remain alert and be aware of the surroundings at all times even if the car is parked. You need to get maximum rest in between shifts and more importantly you need to have proper food.

Do not flash money or expensive jewels– If the passengers offer larger denomination note ask him to get it changed through a nearby store. You should not make the mistake of showing him that you have the money to change it.

Maintaining eye contact with the customers– You need to greet and maintain eye contact with the customer while you pick him up. By carryout this particular approach you will get a grab how the customer looks like and more importantly you can acknowledge his presence. Psychologically it makes it quite tougher for him to carry out some obnoxious ways for you.

You need to trust the instincts– If you are feeling uneasy about picking up a concerned customer, then there is indeed something not in the positive manner. If you feel that something is not working in the corrective manner tan the best possible option is to drive past.

Knowing the emergency procedures– All the cab company do have a written set of rules during the event of an emergency. As an individual you need to be sure that you know what these rules are all about. It is because they can vary from one company to the other.

Keeping the doors all the time is always a necessity– This is quite important if you are sitting at a particular stand, or if it is being parked on the side of the street. If you have studied your map in a proper manner, you would not to be taken by surprise if an individual walks up to your taxi and climbs all of a sudden without getting a clean look at him.

You need to take extra precautions at night– Between the time of 6.00AM and 6.00PM; it is the most dangerous time for all the taxi drivers. Most assaults and robberies take place during the night from 12.00Am to 4.00AM.

What you need to do is be very much cautioned about everything and drive with safety whenever you hit the road.