Get Informed and Updated To Make Your Airport visit A Real Success

If you are new to the airport, it is important to get yourself well aware of all the necessary things. You need to get all the necessary information about the flight departure information to all airport terminals. Get hold of the Gatwick departures tool since that would help you establish whether your flight is leaving on time or simply keeping track of aviation activities.

If you are planning ahead and interested in knowing where to find the check in desks either of the terminals, we have given this information below.

Where to Go

Check in desks is plainly signposted at Gatwick by yellow enlightened 3D squares which show the quantity of the registration zone. To discover which registration zone you require, simply check one of the screens at any passageway for your flight and registration data, which are vividly displayed.

North Terminal

Registration work areas are situated on the third floor, zones A-H from left to all right enter the building.

South Terminal

Registration work areas are situated on the third floor, when touching base from prepare station or auto parks zones A-K are situated from left to right once you enter the floor.

When You Need To Arrive

The airports that have stringent security measures can take longer time in check-in than it used to. It is advised that you reach the airport well in advance. Get to when to arrive if you are a first time traveler.

  • Long-pull flights – Check-in opens 4 hours before takeoff
  • European flights – Check in 3 hours before takeoff
  • Domestic flights – Check in 2 hours before takeoff


Disable Facilities For Air Passengers

Airport caters to all the passengers including those who have reduced vision & poor mobility but are capable of fulfilling their requirements.

In both South & North terminal of the Airport you will be able to find the following facilities on offer:

  • Ramps
  • Wider access pathways
  • Telephones
  • Disabled toilet facilities
  • Reserved seating for impaired individuals
  • Wheelchairs
  • Buggies
  • Assistance paths

The airplane terminal suggests reaching your aircraft no less than 48 hours before you travel to guarantee you can book particular portability administrations to get you on your flight in time and you may need to advise your carrier of any versatility things you should bring on the flight with you, for example, wheelchairs or versatility bikes.

Getting around At the Airport terminal

If you have the plan of stopping or parking at the air terminal you will discover there are a lot of blue badge holder stopping spaces in the drop off and long stay auto stop territories. When you touch base outside the terminal you can enter the building and make a beeline for one of the help work areas to demand help or utilize one of the thingamajig stalls situated outside the terminal building which will call the PRM collaborators and you can address them by means of the video.

Travelers need to head on the departure lounge desk after check in & security, where the concierge will check their boarding pass and bring them with a pager to alert them when their flight is due to board.