The many advantages of hiring taxi services in the current times

Taxi to Gatwick Airport

Well, there are many people who think that when they have a car of their own then why they would run behind hiring a taxi service. At the same time, there are people who do not have a car but they still do not hire taxi service but prefer bus and trains. The concept amongst many people is that taxi services are just costly and a waste of time and money. In the contemporary times, when most of us are dependent on taxi services there are also people who hate this ride and lives on buses and trains. In that case, the given below facts illustrates the different reasons for which taxi service is more beneficial compared to any other means of transport.

The excellent benefits of hiring taxi services

  • If you are late to office and you are sure that you have to face the wrath of your boss then it is the taxi service that can only save you from the doom. Hiring taxi to Gatwick or any other place is very much benefitting because after booking a cab they will be at your location within ten to fifteen minutes. In this case, you are saving lots of time by not going to the bus stand or railway station to catch a bus or train to your destination.


  • Another excellent benefit of hiring a taxi from Gatwick or any other place is that they do not stop at any stoppage in between the start of the journey to the end of it. Hence, when you are booking a taxi service then you are again saving lots of time which would not have been possible by travelling in a bus, train or even metro because this public means of transportation stops at every stoppage to pick up passengers and take them to their destination.


  • Also, when you are hiring a cab then neither you have to drive nor you have to stand like in a bus, train or metro. This benefit is not possible even when you have a car of your own because you have to focus on the road as well as drive properly. So when you are in a taxi then you can travel in a relaxing manner without any hindrance. You can read a book or even watch a movie at your tab in accordance with your wishes.

Now that you are aware of the various advantages of hiring a taxi or cab services then make sure to take the wise decision next time when you are in need of a means of transportation to reach a particular place.

Summary: the given blog helps us to understand the various benefits of hiring Taxi from Gatwick to any other place. It also illustrates the different other facts regarding the advantages of hiring taxi services in the current times. We also come to know about various other facts regarding taxi services from the blog given here.

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Advantages of Airport taxi service at Gatwick

Gatwick Airport Taxi Transfer Service

While you actually need for getting to and from the airport there are varied numbers of travel options being widely available. It is to be noted that if you are travelling by bus or any other modes of transportation might take a longer period of time and it might happen that you can miss your flight. Thereby it is best to avail an airport taxi service which takes up the onus of making you reach the desired destination within the stipulated frame of time.

Listed below are few of the major advantages that will let you know the exact reasons for availing airport taxi services:

Hassel free journey– As you book the airport transport service of the concerned area, you can be rest assured that you can travel at ease. More importantly the cab would be there right at your door step and you do not need to get stranded at the middle of the road, waiting for the vehicle to arrive. At the same time, the conditions of the cabs remains in tip toed condition, so it is sure to be a serene travel.

On time services– It is to be noted that if you are booking an ordinary taxi you need to wait for a long time in the queue with your luggage, as a result you can turn out to be mentally depressed and get distracted for the purpose of your travel. What you need to do is count on the service of the professional airport transfer services and gets valued services. The professional driver would be right there at your doorstep so that you do not need to worry about your travel.

No hidden costs– Maximum of the cab service providers accept credit cards and you will be charged exactly for the fare that is being incurred. You do not have to pay for anything else apart from the fare.

The drivers are quite professional and cordial– The drivers operating these cabs do have years of experience of driving in the streets of London. They are quite aware of the short cut roads and take of the onus of making your travel tranquil. At the same time they try and make your journey devoid of traffic congestion. They are well versed in English and will never allow you to get bored while you are travelling.

Feel free to call them up and make your journey smooth and serene.

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Our Airport Taxis Providing You a Cozy Journey Always


Airports generally remain crowned all throughout the year due to large number of commuters, ranging from tourists to corporate delegates. They take flights to travel around the globe, keeping in view the time factor. Hence, while traveling to and from the airports, people keep in mind that they have to reach the airport on time so that they don’t miss their flights or get delayed in reaching their destination after checking in. Today, you will find myriad modes of local transports which rush on the roads helping local residents and tourists reach their preferred destinations on time. But with airport taxis, you can enjoy a hassle free and safe journey by just expensing a minimal amount.

Our airport taxis come as the best alternative to offer quick and safe airport transfer services. Generally, people hire a taxi which can pick-up or drop them at the airport on time. There are numerous benefits of booking a taxi from us. Some of them would include:

  • You can have a vehicle of your choice
  • You can avail meet and greet services from our highly skilled and courteous drivers
  • All our taxis are impeccable and outfitted with modern car accessories and safety kits to ensure that you travel safe and sound in our cars
  • We provide speedy pick-up and drop-off services and let you enjoy the most prompt taxi services in the region
  • All our cars are tastefully embellished with all basic comforts
  • We provide well mannered and experienced drivers so that you feel extremely satisfied with their services and behavior

Our Specialized Services

Round the Clock Service: Airport is the destination for both domestic and intercontinental flights. There are countless flights during the day and the night time. For the expediency of the travelers, round the clock service offered by our airport taxis provides a completely contented and stress-free journey.

Safe and Secure Service: There is no need to be anxious about the security issues. Our airport taxi services provide full safety to travelers and they can experience trouble free trip. All our drivers are subject to the identification pageant before getting appointed for the job.

Easy Payment Technique: You can either pay in cash or using a debit or credit card at the airport counter. You can hire our luxury airport taxi with these simple payment options. You can also go ahead and make online payment while booking our taxis online.

We are aware of tough competition. There are several other taxi providers in the region who are luring customers by providing cheap rates. We don’t make any fake promises as we don’t want to be a fraudulent. Hence we have kept our rates or fares low without compromising with the quality of services and cars. Our fleet of vehicles is always checked before sending to pick any customer from home, hotel or airport. We are committed to provide the most excellent taxi services in Gatwick and hence we are working hard to keep our promises made to our valued clients.

With us, enjoy every ride with pride!

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An easy guide to London Gatwick Airport

An easy guide to London Gatwick Airport

Gatwick and London Airport Guide

It is very important for those who are new to London Gatwick know the way in or out so that you are able to travel without any hindrance.

The three things that you must remember while departing from London Gatwick airport are:

  • Must Check-in online

– It does not matter whether you are travelling with a cabin bag or just a holding luggage, make sure to check online.

– Besides checking in online you should also print the boarding pass before 30 days and to 2 hours previous to the departure of your flight.

  • Remember Bag Drop

-At the same time, remember to use the Bag drop areas located in Level 1 for all easy Jet domestic flights as well as flight numbers that begin with the number 8. You can also use the Auto Bag drop Kiosks before you are going through the departure gate with the cabin bag.


– On the other hand, in South Terminal, the flight numbers with number 5, in the beginning, have the easy Bag Drop Zone area situated in Zone C, a place where you will be able to use the Auto bag drop Kiosks just before you are about to go through the departure gate with the cabin bag.

  • During Departures


  • You must know that domestic flights depart from the gates of 55A-H in North Terminal.


  • At the same time, the international flights that which departs from North Terminal actually departs from the other remaining gates which are piers 4, 5 and 6.


  • In the South Terminal, 2 piers are used and the distance to the gate varies from 7 to 15 minutes walk.



Arriving at London Gatwick Airport


– All arriving travelers will experience international ID control, except for residential travelers who can go directly go to recover their luggage.


– The terminal of entry may not coordinate that of your flight departure or on your ticket. On the off chance that your entry is from another terminal, the announcement of information will be made before landing and all screens will show the information about the entries for those meeting you from your flight.

Useful tips of benefit

– Gatwick is a quiet air terminal, along these lines, no declarations will be made, so please keep watch at the flight data screens.


– The South Terminal has restricted shops/eateries before security checks.


– The North Terminal has restricted shops/eateries before security checks.


– Both terminals have eateries and shops after security.


– At both terminals, you may board by an air-bridge or you can also use steps to the airplane or use a coach.


– Passengers matured 12-17 who are joined by a grown-up, can now utilize the ePassport entryways upon landing in London Gatwick Airport.


-For more point by point data on the air terminal please check the terminal guide.


Facts about when you are travelling to or from airport

For car

-Discover awesome deals on car rental from the airplane terminal with car rental Europcar.


-With the help of Europcar’s Airport Connect services you can even gather or give back a rental car service close to your home.


About parking

Discover incredible services for parking at the airplane terminal.


By taxi

Pre-book your way to-entryway air terminal exchange with our exchange accomplice Holiday Taxis.


Air terminal inns

-Investigate our choice of agreeable and helpful airplane terminal lodgings.

-You can discover more data on making a trip to and from the airplane terminal including points of interest on nearby transport and prepare administrations.


Check in the internet

Keep in mind to check in on the web and print or download your ticket for your flight. The service comes free of cost and is accessible from 30 days and up to 2 hours before the planned takeoff of your flight.


Only cabin bags

On the off chance that you just have lodge packs you can make a beeline for the flight door. Keep in mind to check in online 30 days and up to 2 hours before the booked takeoff and to print your ticket prepared for your flight.


Hold baggage

On the off chance that you have hold commodities only, check in on the web and print or download your ticket. Once at the air terminal, take your packs to the easyJet Bag Drop range situated in the flight corridor.


Require some assistance?

On the off chance that you have particular needs or necessities amid your excursion, you can ask for Special Assistance online through Manage Bookings or by calling our Special Assistance Team, no later than 48 hours before your planned flight time.


On time

We would advise you to reach the air terminal with a lot of time before you leave so you can get past security and discover your boarding gate.

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Hello Taxi Driver Friends Some Basic safety rules for You

taxi drivers basic safety tips - gatwick airport taxi service

If you are having a business relating to taxi than you must know that the business is quite different from other occupation in the country of UK. It is extremely important for all those taxi drivers who are new to the business. It is quite important in understanding the dangerous and the complex nature of the industry itself.

Listed below are some approaches which are to be noted by drivers will driving taxis in the country:

Joining a radio circuit– Maximum of the radio systems has an emergency button. This particular broadcast will a signal to the particular cab control room to tell them that you are facing trouble.

You need to be aware and alert– always remain alert and be aware of the surroundings at all times even if the car is parked. You need to get maximum rest in between shifts and more importantly you need to have proper food.

Do not flash money or expensive jewels– If the passengers offer larger denomination note ask him to get it changed through a nearby store. You should not make the mistake of showing him that you have the money to change it.

Maintaining eye contact with the customers– You need to greet and maintain eye contact with the customer while you pick him up. By carryout this particular approach you will get a grab how the customer looks like and more importantly you can acknowledge his presence. Psychologically it makes it quite tougher for him to carry out some obnoxious ways for you.

You need to trust the instincts– If you are feeling uneasy about picking up a concerned customer, then there is indeed something not in the positive manner. If you feel that something is not working in the corrective manner tan the best possible option is to drive past.

Knowing the emergency procedures– All the cab company do have a written set of rules during the event of an emergency. As an individual you need to be sure that you know what these rules are all about. It is because they can vary from one company to the other.

Keeping the doors all the time is always a necessity– This is quite important if you are sitting at a particular stand, or if it is being parked on the side of the street. If you have studied your map in a proper manner, you would not to be taken by surprise if an individual walks up to your taxi and climbs all of a sudden without getting a clean look at him.

You need to take extra precautions at night– Between the time of 6.00AM and 6.00PM; it is the most dangerous time for all the taxi drivers. Most assaults and robberies take place during the night from 12.00Am to 4.00AM.

What you need to do is be very much cautioned about everything and drive with safety whenever you hit the road.

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Comprehensive Guide to Fly Out Safely from Gatwick Airport

Tips for Safe Airport Journey

Remember one very important thing in life – your safety and security has to be your “Numero Uno” priority in life. If you follow this, you will be safe and protected everywhere you go, whether you travel within the UK or across the globe. You will never face any problem. At times, it is good to pamper and protect ourselves. Isn’t it?

Today, we will discuss a few tips about how to travel safely when you fly out from an airport. Here we go…

Handbag Rules

Make sure you reach Gatwick airport early. Avail Gatwick taxi services to ensure that you reach your destination before time. This is important as you might have to go under scanner so that the airport authority check all your bag and baggage to ensure that you are not carrying any prohibited or illegal elements with you, especially in your handbag. You must carry only one handbag with you. Your bag should not contain any sharp items. Carry small number of cosmetics as per your requirement and cards, cash and some basic things you need every day.

Hold Baggage Guidelines

There are several things which you must not carry in hold baggage. Some of them include razor shard items, hypodermic needles, liquids, gels and creams not exceeding 100ml and darts. You may carry liquids, creams and gels up to 100ml. You should also keep in mind that your baggage must to become too heavy to get smooth allowances in the airport.

What all items can you take with you?

Below you can find precise information on different items to help you comprehend how much to bring and where to pack them.

  • Drinks
  • Baby milk and products
  • Lighters and e-cigarettes
  • Food
  • Gifts
  • Writing materials
  • Medicines and therapeutic equipment
  • Electrical items
  • Cosmetics and toiletries

So, start preparing the list of items you would carry in your forthcoming trip and start packing. Find an airport taxi service provider and avail the most luxurious Gatwick airport taxi service to kick-start your journey with a bang! Just remember one thing that you must not violet the safety rules and regulations of the airport. Want to carry a musical instrument in next tour? Check with the airport authority and get permission if required. Do whatever is needed to make your trip safe, contented and luxurious.

When you need to hire a taxi to Gatwick, give Jewel Cars a chance to reach you safely.

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Hiring a taxi to Gatwick – Check few Handpicked Tips for a Heck-Free Travel

Hire a Taxi to Gatwick check few tips

If the prospect of moving towards the Gatwick airport with a taxi packed with your belongings and kids is enough to make you run screaming to the nearest campsite, then our guide to a stress-free holiday is for you. Frankly speaking negotiating your family through a busy airport can indeed be a challenging task. A survey revealed that a quarter of travelers considered that flying from a busy airport was similar to stress involved in relocating house.

Air Terminals for example, Gatwick have changed to the point of being indistinguishable Responding to the necessities of both business and delight voyagers, a cutting edge office, for example, Gatwick Airport – alongside its numerous traveler bolster administrations – gives a signed up way to deal with air travel that guarantees your vacation truly can begin as you close your front entryway and punch the airplane terminal’s postcode into your sat-nav.

Similarly as with any unpleasant circumstance, taking control of your air terminal visit will help you stay casual and invigorated as your family takes off on an all around earned break. A little arrangement and inside information of Gatwick’s numerous luxuries ought to be all that is expected to keep you and your children upbeat.

Before Leaving Home

The initial segment of your stretch busting air terminal technique is beating the flight corridor lines by checking in online before you even leave home. Numerous aircrafts offer this administration –get a full rundown of taking part carriers at Gatwick Airport here – permitting you to registration up to 24 hours before you fly.

This online administration gives you a chance to book situates that suit your family’s needs, print out your loading up cards and, all the more critically, slice the time you’ll spend in lines. When you do touch base at Gatwick Airport, basically store your sacks at the drop off office. Ensure you email yourself a duplicate of all tickets, so you can get to them on your cell phone should they get misplaced.

Other line busting registration administrations incorporate ‘day-before registration’ and ‘self-benefit registration’. Check the connections for more subtle elements and to check whether they’re offered by your aircraft.

Tips to Overcome Airport stress

Avoid coffee

Studies revealed that travelling through a busy airport can raise your heart rate and in such situation intake of coffee will not only increase your heart rate but stress levels as well.

Take control

Push can be activated by getting a handle on of control, and air terminals surely breed this with a minute ago adjustments, delays and unforeseen issues all contributing. Try to create an itinerary that covers getting to the airport, meals planning and span of relaxation.

Parking arrangement

Turning up at an airplane terminal without your parking plan could dive your stumble into a pit of gloom. However, booking a respectable car parking lot will guarantee you know where you’ll be parking.

Download the app

An app named TripIt turns your Smartphone into PA. Simply enter your flight number and other reservations, and let your App create a digital itinerary for your trip.

Contact Jewel Cars when you like to hire a Taxi to Gatwick.

Phone 1: +44 (0)1737 668 202


Airport  Taxi UK
54, Prince Albert Square
United Kingdom

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Staying Safe on Public Transport At Night


Look at the Prying eyes! Yes roads are no more safe when Prying eyes burn bright. With the incessant growth of crime in streets and in public transport these days, night commuting has become very challenging and scary. If you use public transport to get back from your workplace or visit any social events, you ought to be careful particularly during the night. It is because of this police and administrations have warned passengers to be extra cautious while hiring and boarding taxis or minicabs.


Staying Safe While Travelling


Prior to hiring, make sure you are hiring a licensed minicab service provider. Mind it all minicabs are now licensed. This process is still underway but they should all be licensed. Well, if you wish to check that the minicab firm you use is licensed, you should check with your local council.


Get rid of Taxi Touts


Apart from minicabs, there are an increasing number of taxi touts operating these days particularly late at night. They are unregistered drivers who make an attempt to pick up fares in busy areas offering budget fares than registered minicabs. The police warn that these night cabs are often hired by some criminals to target mid-aged women and should be avoided. When people get into these cabs they are surprisingly entering into a stranger’s car that is untraceable. There always lies a risk of becoming an easy target of foul intentioned people. If this goes on, then in is of no use, tracing the offender as they are not registered taxi drivers.

Opt for Pre-Booking

Although legitimate minicabs are now licensed, they are allowed to carry passengers who book them in advance. For instance, if you wish to hire a minicab, it is advisable to take the phone number of the service provider with you when you go out. In case, you don’t have the number, you can take the help of a friend for the authentic number.

Be careful while hiring cab in Public place

Mind you if you are calling a cab from public place to ensure that you cannot be overheard by strangers since this might give away your address. To be very secure, when you are ordering a cab to pick you up from public place don’t just give your full name or address.

Trust your instincts.

If you don’t feel relaxed with the taxi that arrives for you or stops for you, then trust your instincts and take another cab. Better safe than sorry!

 Always sit in the back

It is always advised by the safety experts that women should sit at the back every time they board a cab rather than the front seat since this keeps you at safe distance from the driver. In addition, you will also have easy access to two doors to get down from the cab in case any untoward incidents happen.

To conclude, as a passenger if you find any issues with your minicab, it is important to report the issue to police. In doing so, you would be able to help protect future passengers.

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Find your benefit by hiring Gatwick Minicab services

It is really amazing that the Gatwick Minicab service brings so many benefits that are not possible in any other means of transport. However, it is also a peculiar truth that there are still people who like to board trains and buses for going to a particular destination. Even a certain section of people think that hiring Gatwick Minicab services is nothing more but a waste of money as well as time. Well, this is actually opposite version of the true benefits of hiring a minicab in the contemporary times.

In this case, the following given facts talk about the numerous advantages of hiring a minicab compared to any other means of transport.

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Taxi from Gatwick Makes Travelling Easier

Travelling to a new location from an airport is always stressful and tiring after a long journey of flight and carrying all the burden of the luggage no matter what, and wherever you are travelling to, be it within the ambit of your own city or to the vicinity of the suburban areas surrounding it. The level of stress definitely increases if you are a complete stranger to a new city like London and its surrounding. Nothing can comfort you more than having a pre-schedule Taxi from Gatwick or even Heathrow Airport, for that matter, and having someone to take care of your luggage and dropping you to your desired destination safe and sound with complete care and guidance.

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