Staying Safe on Public Transport At Night


Look at the Prying eyes! Yes roads are no more safe when Prying eyes burn bright. With the incessant growth of crime in streets and in public transport these days, night commuting has become very challenging and scary. If you use public transport to get back from your workplace or visit any social events, you ought to be careful particularly during the night. It is because of this police and administrations have warned passengers to be extra cautious while hiring and boarding taxis or minicabs.


Staying Safe While Travelling


Prior to hiring, make sure you are hiring a licensed minicab service provider. Mind it all minicabs are now licensed. This process is still underway but they should all be licensed. Well, if you wish to check that the minicab firm you use is licensed, you should check with your local council.


Get rid of Taxi Touts


Apart from minicabs, there are an increasing number of taxi touts operating these days particularly late at night. They are unregistered drivers who make an attempt to pick up fares in busy areas offering budget fares than registered minicabs. The police warn that these night cabs are often hired by some criminals to target mid-aged women and should be avoided. When people get into these cabs they are surprisingly entering into a stranger’s car that is untraceable. There always lies a risk of becoming an easy target of foul intentioned people. If this goes on, then in is of no use, tracing the offender as they are not registered taxi drivers.

Opt for Pre-Booking

Although legitimate minicabs are now licensed, they are allowed to carry passengers who book them in advance. For instance, if you wish to hire a minicab, it is advisable to take the phone number of the service provider with you when you go out. In case, you don’t have the number, you can take the help of a friend for the authentic number.

Be careful while hiring cab in Public place

Mind you if you are calling a cab from public place to ensure that you cannot be overheard by strangers since this might give away your address. To be very secure, when you are ordering a cab to pick you up from public place don’t just give your full name or address.

Trust your instincts.

If you don’t feel relaxed with the taxi that arrives for you or stops for you, then trust your instincts and take another cab. Better safe than sorry!

 Always sit in the back

It is always advised by the safety experts that women should sit at the back every time they board a cab rather than the front seat since this keeps you at safe distance from the driver. In addition, you will also have easy access to two doors to get down from the cab in case any untoward incidents happen.

To conclude, as a passenger if you find any issues with your minicab, it is important to report the issue to police. In doing so, you would be able to help protect future passengers.

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Find your benefit by hiring Gatwick Minicab services

It is really amazing that the Gatwick Minicab service brings so many benefits that are not possible in any other means of transport. However, it is also a peculiar truth that there are still people who like to board trains and buses for going to a particular destination. Even a certain section of people think that hiring Gatwick Minicab services is nothing more but a waste of money as well as time. Well, this is actually opposite version of the true benefits of hiring a minicab in the contemporary times.

In this case, the following given facts talk about the numerous advantages of hiring a minicab compared to any other means of transport.

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Taxi from Gatwick Makes Travelling Easier

Travelling to a new location from an airport is always stressful and tiring after a long journey of flight and carrying all the burden of the luggage no matter what, and wherever you are travelling to, be it within the ambit of your own city or to the vicinity of the suburban areas surrounding it. The level of stress definitely increases if you are a complete stranger to a new city like London and its surrounding. Nothing can comfort you more than having a pre-schedule Taxi from Gatwick or even Heathrow Airport, for that matter, and having someone to take care of your luggage and dropping you to your desired destination safe and sound with complete care and guidance.

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Hire a Minicab to Gatwick and Experience the Most Outstanding Ride of Your Life

In today’s fast paced world, multiple advantages can be achieved by you if you hire a minicab. With the increased use of smart phones amongst the people and the various minicab companies providing mobile apps and their respective websites, you can now easily book for a luxurious ride to everywhere you want, and that too within your affordable budget. Booking a minicab with the effective utilization of technology is the best thing that you can do to reach your desired destination on time and in an extremely comfortable and relaxed way. If you book a Minicab to Gatwick, then surely you are going to reach the airport on time and have negligible chances of missing out on your flights. Thus, “online booking” is the safest and the most punctual way of travelling.

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Gatwick Minicab – A Boon to the Lives of the Commuters

London is a city of dreams and by far the busiest one in the entire world. The different routes to and away from the city are sure to be found busy at all the times of the day and even at the oddest hours of the night. Heathrow and Gatwick are the two of the busiest airport links which are found to be actively energized every minute of the day and every second of the night. Travelers from all parts of the world travel to and away from the city through these well channelized airports. And, in order to help these passengers get better commutation and journey towards their desired destination, a Heathrow and Gatwick Minicab service is the easiest and the most effective one.

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Advantages of Hiring the Gatwick Minicab Services

The Gatwick Minicab is by far the best mode of transport to go around the city if you are a tourist, or even commuting to your work place on a daily basis. The different services they provide to the people in the city are extremely beneficial for them and provide them the most suitable conveyance as per their requirement. As a matter of fact, a driver of a Gatwick Minicab is a highly skilled and experienced one who is trained to take you through all the types of lanes and by-lanes of London and Gatwick, to be more precise. Also, each of the vehicles they drive, are well equipped with the high technology navigation systems, and thus, a combination of both the drivers and the latest technology is a great combination for any traveler to have a smooth and enchanting drive across the city.

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The Importance of the Gatwick Taxi Service to and from the Airport

Gatwick Airport is the second largest airport in the entire UK and naturally one of the busiest in the world. The leading airlines of the different countries all around the world queue up the airport day in and out, and thus, the need of a comfortable conveyance to and from the airport arises amongst the passengers for almost 24 hours a day. This is reason why the Gatwick Taxi services are gaining immense popularity amongst both the business and the leisurely travelers.

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